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Tháng Bảy 27, 2021

Climate policy in easy language

The Paris Agreement is an important international agreement that holds countries accountable for achieving their climate targets. However plant-rich diets haven’t yet been recognised by the international community as a strategy to stop the climate crisis from spinning out of control. So far, the Paris Agreement hasn’t even mentioned reducing meat consumption or shifting towards more plant-rich diets as climate-mitigation strategies. Which is weird – because science has shown over and over again that tackling the climate crisis with our forks and knives is one of the most effective ways to save the planet. 

We’ve summarised the most important policy-related options to enable Diet Change Not Climate Change here, and we want to share this with you so that no one can be tricked into thinking that the climate crisis is too complicated to tackle. It’s not rocket science – if we understand it, so can you!

This is what governments can do immediately:

  1. Catering: are key public institutions and schools serving enough plant-based meal options?
  2. Subsidies and a just transition: is your government supporting industrial animal agriculture financially?
  3. Support: what about public money for climate-friendly plant-based innovations? Is this kind of funding being implemented by your government?
  4. National Dietary Guidelines: is your government supporting plant-rich guidelines?
  5. Taxation: are animal-sourced products fairly taxed compared to healthy and climate-friendly foods?
  6. Labelling: are the impacts of animal-based products on health, environment, and animal welfare communicated to consumers in a transparent way? 

If you want to know more about the specifics, please check out this page. For now, we would like to ask you to take the Diet Change Not Climate Change pledge today. Once you’ve signed the pledge, we’ll send you key actionables, in three separate emails, that can help to bring about the urgently needed shift to plant-based eating.

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