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August 17, 2021

Heura Foods launches petition demanding world leaders to support a plant-based diet to help save our planet

Today, Heura Foods launched a petition demanding world leaders to support a plant-based diet to help save our planet. 

Bernat Ananos Martinez, Co-founder of Heura Foods, comments on LinkedIn.

“​​From Heura Foods we want to deliver a message to Boris Johnson after the weak response to the ????code red???? IPCC report this week: 

We have listened to your words. We have noticed your (lack of) actions. Now it’s time to act and address diet as a key way to drive positive impact on the climate crisis. 

Holding the COP26 to discuss climate gives you an opportunity and at the same time an enormous responsibility. With COP26 fast approaching, it’s time for plant-based diets to take a seat at the table. 

There is more than enough data to place plant-based diets as a main contributor to stop this climate emergency. In the first comment you can find some. 

It’s urgent. It’s time to act ✊“ 

Sign the petition here.

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