Diet Change Not Climate Change aims to influence systemic change towards a plant-centred diet on the United Nations level. We focus on lobbying at UN conferences, including the UN Climate Change Conference (COP), for member states to address the environmental degradation caused by animal agriculture and advocate a more sustainable food system that is better for the planet, humanity and animals.


We organised 8 press events, presentations and roundtable discussions for policymakers with science-backed evidence to illustrate the impact of a plant-based diet, which was missing in the official agenda.

In the runup to COP26, ProVeg started a petition asking world leaders to formally recognise the climate-warming impact of industrialised animal agriculture. 72,000 signatures were handed over to policymakers during the event.

We facilitated access to the Blue Zone of COP26 for several highly influential key stakeholders from the private sector and NGOs.

We installed Diet Change Not Climate Change posters around the city to get the attention of world leaders - highlighting the importance of integrating the food system into the climate agenda.

A video message from ProVeg International Director, Jens Tuider, was shown by the World Health Organisation to hundreds of delegates at the conference.


Feb 28 - Mar 3

UN Environment Assembly 5.2

Nairobi, Kenya

The game-changing resolution on the Nexus between Animal Welfare, the Environment and Sustainable Development was adopted

June 2 -3

Stockholm +50

Stockholm, Sweden

Jun 6 - 22

UN Intersessionals

Bonn, Germany

Nov 7 - 18


Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

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