[Picture Source: ProVeg] Digital billboard in a tram in Warsaw


Thursday, November 11, 2021

Spreading the Diet Change Not Climate Change message around the world

While the world is looking to Glasgow during COP26, ProVeg put up billboards around the city in order to spread the Diet Change Not Climate Change message. And ProVeg didn’t stop there. Their colleagues in South Africa and Poland also put up billboards to raise consciousness around this vitally important issue.

Although industrialised animal agriculture is responsible for at least 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions and plant-based diets can cut food-related footprints by 50%, world leaders still haven’t recognised plant-based diets as a way to mitigate the climate crisis. In order to expose this discrepancy and raise awareness around the issue, ProVeg embarked on a crowdfunded billboard campaign. 

COP26 in Glasgow

This year, the UN Climate Change Conference is taking place in Glasgow, from 1 to 12 November. In order to nudge policymakers and delegates to formally recognise the global-warming impact of industrialised animal agriculture, posters were positioned on phone booths near the conference site. The billboards have a clear message: diet change is one of the most effective climate-mitigation measures we have. World leaders need to commit to developing and investing in mitigation strategies as a means of supporting and driving a just transition to plant-centric food systems. Additionally, there will be digital billboards in Glasgow from mid-November on, ensuring that the message prevails after the climate conference has ended.

[Picture source: ProVeg] Phone booth in Glasgow

South Africa

Ahead of COP26, ProVeg South Africa also launched a crowdfunding campaign to get plant-based food on the international climate agenda. A total of 85 digital billboards are currently on view at petrol stations across South Africa, while a public-service ad on nationwide broadcaster eTV reached more than 2 million viewers.

[Picture Source: ProVeg] Digital billboard at a petrol station in South Africa


If you’re riding on a tram in Warsaw, the chances are that you’ll encounter ProVeg’s digital Diet Change Not Climate Change billboards. They will be shown at least three times an hour for the duration of COP26.

[Picture Source: ProVeg] Digital billboard in a tram in Warsaw

Help us spread the Diet Change Not Climate Change message

Unfortunately, world leaders still haven’t acknowledged the massive impact that animal agriculture has on the climate. If we want them to include plant-rich diets as a climate-crisis mitigation measure, we need to spread the Diet Change Not Climate Change message as far and wide as possible. Support us by sharing the campaign with your friends and family.

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