Friday, September 10, 2021

Watch and promote Eating ‘ Our Way To Extinction’, narrated by Kate Winslet

Featuring commentary from some of the world’s leading scientists and best-known personalities, Eating Our Way To Extinction is a powerful documentary that invites you on an eye-opening journey into our food system and the negative impact it is having on our planet –  and on our future as a species and civilisation. This compelling documentary will force open the debate, exposing the powerful truth about the relationship between the food we eat and the destruction of our planet. The film will forever alter your perceptions of how your food arrives at your plate.

The clock is ticking

Kate Winslet, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and others have joined together for this global documentary which premieres on 8 September, 2021. If you take this journey with us, it will change the way you eat and your understanding of the food industry, while exploring  the ecological crisis that threatens our very existence.

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  • Eating Our Way To Extinction saw its premiere on 8 September in London, at a premiere hosted by Kate Winslet. It will receive its US premiere in Los Angeles on 14 September and will open in cinemas in the US, the UK, EU, Australia, and New Zealand on 16 September.
  • A worldwide digital release will be rolled out in 12 languages over the next few months.

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