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Friday, October 22, 2021

Diet Change Not Climate Change featured in Flora mural in London

We spotted the Diet Change Not Climate Change message in a recently painted mural in London! Located right outside of Shoreditch Highstreet station, the mural not only embellishes the area but also broadcasts a vitally important message which is unfortunately still being overlooked by many: switching to a plant-based diet can reduce food-related emissions by up to 50%.

With the launch of its new plant-based spread, Flora Plant B+tter Spreadable, Flora is highlighting this important message. The mural was designed by illustrator Francesca Page and poet Gray Crosbie in order to communicate the environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. With its beautiful illustrations and vibrant colours, we could not be happier about the creative way that Flora has incorporated the Diet Change Not Climate Change message.

By choosing plant-based foods, you can start a more sustainable lifestyle today. An easy first step such as switching to plant-based butter can go a long way.

Why not give it a try? Take the #DietChangeNotClimateChange pledge today!

Image: ProVeg

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